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Social Responsibility

Care About Staff

Novo creates efficient, relaxing and loving working atmosphere for staff, which improves their happiness and keeps balance between work and life. Each year, it will organize series of activities, such as “Family Day”, “Annual Physical Examination”, “Annual Travelling” and etc. to encourage staffs to positively get involved in, initiate staffs to care about each other, and work breezily and happily.

Science&Technology Innovation

Science and technology innovation is the inexhaustible impetus of development for a company. Through implementing the scientific development view, strengthening scientific and technological progress and innovation, its industrial scale has been continuously expanded, and economic benefits have been significantly improved. With the goal of sustainable development, we should strengthen internal management, straighten out the management mechanism, constantly cultivate new economic growth points, and always adhere to the path of independent innovation, introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation to achieve new breakthroughs.

Green Environmental Protection

Green enterprise culture is gradually formed in the production and operation of enterprise, and its core is green values, namely advocating environmental protection and resource conservation, which is reflected in the practice of enterprise. Pay attention to the best allocation of resources, optimize the harmonious relationship between people, the environment and society, to create the maximum social value by minimum resources. Actively create resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise. Under the guidance of green enterprise culture, Novo will produce "green effect" different from traditional enterprise management in various links, such as strategy, organization, research and development, production, marketing and investment, so as to effectively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprise.

Public Welfare

In recent years, with the growing popularity of public welfare undertakings, many enterprises begin to pay attention to social public welfare undertakings, or set up public welfare organizations, or participate in some public welfare activities. This is undoubtedly a great benefit to society, enterprises and the public. Integrating the concept of social public welfare into the corporate culture, bringing volunteer service closer to the grassroots and the public, and sublimating the corporate culture in public welfare activities, they are not only the highest level of social public welfare undertakings, but also the best way to enrich the connotation of corporate culture.
Enterprises are not only the creators of social wealth, but also consumers of natural resources. We actively participate in social welfare undertakings, enthusiastically participate in charity and public welfare activities, encourage and lead employees, with greater enthusiasm to enlarge strength to social welfare undertakings, to provide welfare for the society, to provide consumers with quality products to meet their growing vision of a better life, and to achieve value transfer as far as possible; to create more business opportunities for customers and achieve common development is a win-win situation.