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Blacklight Module Assembly Line
Illustration :
This production line is a key equipment in the production of backlight, with automatic assembly of reflector, automatic assembly of light guide plate, automatic cleaning of light guide plate, automatic adhesion of film, Tape, AOI detection, automatic laminating, CT is 6s.
Schematic Diagram
Backlight Module Assembly Line
Basic Parameter

Product Specification

The device is suitable for 10.1 to 15.6 inch backlight components.
2~4 tapes are attached on the short side
Long side adhesive tape 1~2 lines

Technical Parameters

External dimension: 22000mm (length) x4500mm (width) x1800mm (height)
Weight: 4000 kg
Power distribution: AC220V, 66KW (details refer to →)
Compressed air: 0.5~ 0.7mpa, ≥800L/min
Vacuum: - 85 Kpa or less
CT: 6 s
Assembly accuracy: ±0.15mm

Standard Configuration

Optional Configuration
Equipment Characteristics

Function Introduction

1. The reflector is automatically grouped

2. Light guide plate is automatically assembled

3. The light guide plate is automatically cleaned

4. Film is automatically attached

5. Tape automatically attached

6. AOI test

7. Automatic film coating


Equipment Process Flow