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Automatic FOG Bond Machine
Illustration :
This equipment is used for general glass, special-shaped glass. The main functions are as follows: 1) After discharge of the COG Bonding device;2) A device with Edge Clean (option), ACF attachment, FPC (COF) false pressure and FPC (COF) self pressure; 3) To bond according to the positions of panel and FPC (COF);4) FOG Bonding will be discharged to AOI device after completion.
Schematic Diagram
Automatic FOG Bonding Machine
Basic Parameter

1. Component Specifications

Applicable size: 10.1-21 inches (depending on customer requirements)

2. Applicable specifications

1) Applicable shape: ordinary glass, special-shaped glass;

2) Equipment compaction precision: ±0.007mm;


Sketch Map of Special-shaped Products


3. Equipment Parameters

1) External dimension: L x W x H: 4000x2100x1650mm (including Edge Clean part);

2) Power supply: AC220V, 13.5KW;

3) Equipment CT: 15s/1 piece (related to the time of local pressure, the site can be increased or decreased to shorten the beat according to customer requirements);

Standard Configuration
Optional Configuration
Equipment Characteristics

Action Flow:

1. Clean Glass

The glass is transferred to the Edge Clean platform from the front work station. The Camera of the Edge Clean department takes pictures of the glass Mark alignment. After the platform is adjusted, the glass is cleaned.

2. ACF Stick

Load transfer 1. The glass on the Buffer is transferred to the ACF platform, and the camera in the ACF section shoots the glass Mark alignment. After the platform adjusts the position, the ACF will be affixed to the platform.

3. False Compression

Load shifting 2 transfers the glass on the ACF platform to the false pressing platform. At the same time, the FPC moving and sending institution transfers the FPC to the false pressing head, which adsorbs the FPC. The false pressing head camera shoots the glass Mark and FPC for counter-position, and presses the platform after adjusting its position.

4. This pressure maintains the pressure

Load transfer 3 Transfer the glass on the false pressure platform to the local pressure platform. The local pressure camera shoots the glass Mark/ shape alignment. After the platform adjusts its position, the platform will be maintained for pressure.

5. Glass delivery

Transfer load 4 Transfer the glass on this pressure platform to the next station.