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Along the way, thank you | NOVO Equipment 11th anniversary celebration


Hang her sun like fire and hang gold;

The students are young and in their prime.

On August 9, 2023, NOVO Equipment celebrated its eleventh birthday.

The company held a series of activities, simple and grand, to celebrate the anniversary achievements, a wonderful development.


Over the past 11 years, NOVO Equipment has overcome difficulties and hardships, and the company has developed healthily and achieved remarkable results.




Wuxi NOVO Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established

Entered Murata, SONY Electronics, Panasonic and became a supplier


Recognized as [high-tech enterprise]

Obtained ISO9001 quality management system certificate


Won the title of "Jabil FY19 Strategic Cooperation Supplier"

Won the title of "Murata Group Excellent Overseas Supplier"

Began to develop flat panel display industry standardized equipment


Won the 2019 Wuxi Gazelle Enterprise

Won the first prize of 2019 China Wuxi Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Won the Jiangsu Province automation equipment engineering technology center

Established a China-South Korea joint venture company and officially entered the field of semiconductor precision components


Won the 2020 Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center

We will establish trials to implement standards that integrate IT application and industrialization


Won the "Outstanding Contribution Award" for the development of China's new display industry chain


Jiangsu Province specialized in special new small and medium-sized enterprises

Wuxi high-tech products

Jiangsu Province new technology new product catalogue

Established "Sichuan NOVO Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD."



As of August 1, 2023, NOVO has obtained 6 invention patents and 84 utility model patents, and its products are exported to many overseas countries, covering the world.

With leading technology, refined quality control and the service tenet of "one phone, no strings attached", the company has won many awards from suppliers and the industry.

Over the past 11 years, adhering to the values of "customer first, employee oriented, continuous innovation",

Equipped with a sense of urgency and a sense of urgency,

Speed up the transformation, shift up speed!

NOVO's development concept coincides with China's Industry 4.0.

Grateful to the age of empowerment, grateful dream blessing!

Adhering to the core of culture, enhancing internal power, from the company's mission, values and vision,

To organizational construction, product innovation and market expansion,

A little bit of integration, careful to end.

Hug the wood, born at the end;

The tree that covers the sun begins in the green onion.

Eleven years of growth, we always remember the beginning of the heart, rooted growth;

Eleven years of concentric, we stand together through thick and thin, mutual achievement.

The 11th anniversary of NOVO Equipment, let us witness the magnificent birth of a milestone.

The blueprints have been drawn, the drums are beating.

In the context of a new era of economic development, standing at a new starting point of the 11th anniversary,

NOVO Equipment will be full of sincerity and expectation, take advantage of the trend, embrace change,

Salute the future to the dream expedition, and strive to write a more beautiful chapter.