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Novo Equipment Amateur Sports Activities in 2020 (I)


The year 2020 will be a difficult year and also a year of struggle. Under the influence of coVID-19, Novo has steadily expanded production and contributed their share to the global economic recovery.

The way forward requires not only the tenacious faith of Novo people, but also a strong body.

To this end, on the afternoon of 13th November 2020, Novo Equipment organized a continuing amateur sports activity. Badminton, table tennis, basketball, three ball activities for the first time, has been the active participation of this kind of enthusiasts colleagues.

Sweat, have fun, build strong bodies and make good friends, all of which are brought by exercise.

"Novo Equipment" will continue to carry out such activities in the later stage, so that more Novo colleagues will participate in them and harvest the wonderful sports belonging to us Novo people.